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At Viva La Brow we believe that beauty should be effortless and natural. Our expert team of permanent makeup artists are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired look with precision and care. Whether you're looking to enhance your brows, lips, eyelashes or figure, we're here to provide you with the best possible results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Explore our range of services and book your appointment today to experience the Viva La Brow difference.

Adriana Trejo

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Services We Offer

Ombre Brows

Ombre eyebrow shading is a technique that adds a natural-looking gradient effect to the eyebrows, enhancing their shape and filling in any sparse areas.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses a specialized tool to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrows, resulting in a natural and fuller appearance.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that adds a natural-looking tint to the lips, enhancing their color and shape for a fuller and more defined look.

Tinting & Lami

Eyebrow tinting and lamination are beauty treatments that involve tinting and shaping the eyebrows for a fuller, more defined look that lasts for several weeks.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment that involves applying individual synthetic lashes to the natural lashes, creating a longer, fuller, and more dramatic look.

Lash Lift

Lash lift is a beauty treatment that uses a perm solution to curl and lift your natural lashes, giving them a longer and fuller appearance without the need for extensions.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a non-invasive procedure that uses various techniques to remove excess fat, tighten skin, and contour the body for a more sculpted and toned appearance.

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